• Naming conventions

    Many-to-many relationship = joining tables

    Coming up with a good name for a table that represents a many-to-many relationship makes the relationship easier to read and understand. Sometimes finding a great name is not trivial but usually it is worth to spend some time thinking about.

    An example: Reader and Newspaper.

    A Newspaper has many Readers and a Reader has many Newspapers

    You could call the relationship NewspaperReader but a name like Subscription might convey better what the table is about.

    The name Subscription also is more idiomatic in case you want to map the table to objects later on.

    The convention for naming many-to-many tables is a concatenation of the names of both tables that are involved in the relation. ColourShape would be a sensible default in your case.

    Ref: StackOverflow: What should I name a table that maps two tables together? - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1813321/what-should-i-name-a-table-that-maps-two-tables-together